Veterinary Exam

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It's very true that your pet ages much faster than you do. This is why a veterinarian needs to keep tabs on their health. Veterinary exams are a form of preventative care where we inspect your pet's overall health. With these routine exams we can detect illnesses in the early stages when they are easier to treat.

When should my pet have a veterinary exam?

Your pet should have at least one veterinary exam each year. During that time they change in many different ways. It's imperative your veterinarian is aware of their developments, whether good or bad. If your pet has a known health problem, our team would recommend more frequent veterinary exams to keep tabs on their health. Pets of a certain age should also have at least two visits each year. Puppies and kittens should have 3 wellness exams each year and senior pets need two. If your pet is due for a wellness exam please call us at 905-844-3331 to book an appointment.

What services are included in the visit?

Our wellness exams are designed to gather as much information about your pet's current health status. We perform a full examination from nose to tail and even perform diagnostics to learn what's going on inside their body. The following services are included in each veterinary visit:

  1. Complete physical assessment - Teeth, throat, eyes, skin, and ears are inspected
  2. Lab work - Analyzing their blood, fecal, and urine samples
  3. Imaging diagnostics
  4. Discussing your pet's vaccination and preventative medicine
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