Veterinary Referrals

Referral services to ensure your pet receives the best quality service they deserve.

As a full-service hospital we provide a wide range of services in-house. Our veterinarians and technicians have modern technology and skills to safely perform procedures that will improve your pet's overall health. We handle all your pet's surgical needs on-site, but we may have a specialist/surgeon come in to consult on their case. To further discuss our referral program, please call us at 905-844-3331.

Why is my pet referred to a specialist?

We refer our patients when their condition requires a complex treatment. The specialty clinic or surgeon your pet is referred to has specialized equipment and experience to perform procedures not routinely provided by general veterinarians. For example. We may refer your pet to a specialist for certain orthopedic surgeries. Instead of having our patients travel to a different clinic, the surgeon can come to our hospital to offer their service. If you are referred to a specialty clinic, we ensure your pet's documents are transferred electronically and we follow-up on their treatment. The referral process is designed to ensure your pet gets the highest caliber of veterinary service by any means possible.

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