Laser Therapy for Pets

A safe and non-invasive treatment to help pets with chronic pain.

Laser therapy is a pain-free treatment for various health issues in pets, such as chronic pain. Our hospital is happy to provide this service for our patients and we are always available to answer your questions about it. To learn more about the proven health benefits of laser therapy, reach out to us at 905-844-3331.

How does laser therapy work?

During laser therapy, the veterinarian aims light at different frequencies at a certain area of the body. The light can penetrate deep below the surface where it reaches the cellular level. As the light is absorbed, it causes changes in the cells which results in many positive effects such as reducing inflammation, decreasing pain, renewing energy, and encouraging the healing process. To ensure your pet is protected, we provide them with safety glasses to protect their eyes from the bright light. No sedation or anesthesia is necessary as most pets find the treatment soothing.

What health conditions can benefit from laser therapy?

Some health conditions that can be treated with laser therapy include:

  1. Hair loss
  2. Cellulitis
  3. Hip dysplasia
  4. Allergies
  5. Open wounds
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