Endoscopy Services for Pets

The smallest device to examine the internal organs without having to go through invasive surgery.

An endoscope is a thin tube-like device used in the medical care of humans and pets. When your pet is showing signs of illness, a veterinarian will examine their external and internal organs; the endoscope is used to see inside your pet. Endoscopy is a safe procedure and is more likely to be recommended rather than invasive surgery.

What is endoscopy?

Endoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that allows veterinarians to visualize the internal organs, and if needed, obtain samples of tissue for biopsies without the need for surgical operations. During the procedure, the veterinarian places the tube down the throat and into the stomach. The endoscope has a viewing camera attached to it.

Why would my pet need an endoscopy?

Endoscopy is usually performed when your pet is having gastrointestinal issues. It can also be used to identify inflammation, scarring, abnormal swelling, and to retrieve an accidentally swallowed item without having to go through an open-wound surgery. Here are some health issues that would cause our veterinarian to recommend the procedure:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Gagging

Will my pet need anesthesia?

Yes, since the process involves putting a tube down their throat it's best to keep your pet unconscious. Your pet is usually given a short-acting anesthetic, which makes it safe to perform the endoscopy. As with all procedures that require general anesthesia, we perform pre-anesthetic testing to detect underlying issues.

How can I prepare my pet for an endoscopic procedure?

To have a clear view of your pet's internal structure and organs they should fast for 12 hours. All food or fecal matter must be removed for the procedure to be successful. If necessary, your pet may be given oral medications the morning of the procedure to flush out their system. To further discuss the procedure, call us today at 905-844-3331.

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